On a wall of Prathipadu’s school appear this symbol painted by children, with these two lines in Telegu (dialect of Andhra Pradesh) which translate as: "Reading and writing will provide a future. "


The Association paid for the purchase of beds, mattresses, shoes, clothing, hygiene products, medicines, food, household items and chairs. All this in order to improve the children's daily life at the boarding.



In addition to the annual aid provided to children and sick residents of the dispensary, the Association financed the purchase and installation of a water purifier. food, as well as a mesh protection to avoid damage caused by monkeys.


Financial assistance for medicines, clothing and food
for lepers and HIV patients. The clinic also operates five leprosy in neighboring villages, and more than 250 patients with an annual medical monitoring.
TLM (Trained Leprosery Mission India) definitely was quitting his assistance in December 2011.


Support monthly payments for two additional teachers,

and two assistants for the 2012-2013 school year.
In some classes,
the courses are done to even the ground.

Total funding of the purchase of a X-ray machine (mobile option) with its table. This photo, dated March 01-2011, we present the assembly of this ray machine, in a new X-ray room.

Following the death of a child of boarding by snakebite in health, it was decided to rebuild them to new and secure, with a direct internal access from the boarding school at night, and external the day.

2005 to 2008
Some children of Prathipadu, pursue their studies in another college of Vimukti. Therefore, Anne-Francoise Sister, through our association, introduced annual funding. This assistance was supendue in 2009 as investments do not meet our wishes, or were not justified.

2000 to 2004
During these five years, at the request of Sister Anne-Françoise, regular transfers were made to address the most urgent needs: Drugs, clothing, food, medical equipment, etc ...


Support of the staff remuneration, caring for children in extracurricular

Anne-Francoise Sister being moved to the state of insecurity and poor housing of his favourites (a simple hut covered with leaves, at the mercy of the storms and monsoon, for eight to twelve people) It went head to enter the building. Not to build the house entirely, but with the help of our Association, allow digging the foundations, provide cement to flow the base slab, solicitng for government grants, and then leave, family, care to continue the work. And it works!

Total funding for the rehabilitation of a common room for men, under slopes, walls, floors, six new beds with hardware accessories.


Photo 1 - Creation of three rooms for visitors of the family of patients, or for patients from distant lands in simple medical visit.

Photo 2 - Construction of a home (or waiting) for the sick.


Transformation and refurbishment of the roof terrace of the hospital.

Photo 1 - Purchase a microscope for laboratory Hospital
Photo 2 - Refurbishment of the engine ambulance jeep, brand "Tata"