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“We the Sisters of St. Joseph of Annecy, Visakhapatnam province urged by love of God to make all our ministries relevant,   liberative and designed to empower the poor and the marginalized, thus becoming   agents of societal, and environmental transformation   and prophetic presence in today’s World”


St. Joseph’s Hospital, Prathipadu was begun in the year 1951 with small dispensary in Kirlampudi, rendering the medical services to the people of all surrounding villages. Then the Dispensary was later upgraded to a General Hospital with 30 beds. 1952 the Leprosy work was established in few mandals. By the end of 1968 the Leprosy clinic at Prathipadu was built and gradually extended the area of work to cover 199 villages in 6 mandals covering a population of over 4,77,661 lakh people. The Institution is 60 years old started off as a small dispensary but now has grown into a 75-bedded hospital.


Infrastructure facilities Available:

-          70 bedded Hospital – 20 beds for CCC (community care center)

-          OPD (Out Patient Department), Lab, X-Ray, Labour Room.

-          Boarding for HIV/AIDS, Leprosy and poor orphan children

-          St. Joseph’s Elementary School ( Telugu Medium)

-          Leprosy in patient ward



1. General Hospital / OPD / Gynaec ward / General ward

    General Hospital is running by our main Society by maintaining OPD,   General ward and Gynaec ward. Very few general cases come to our hospital due to HIV/AIDS cases. Nearly 67500 HIV/AIDS cases are taken care from our OPD.


2. Leprosy Work:

    The Leprosy Control Programme is closed but maintenance activity still continues. 5 village clinics, medical care, educational support, rehabilitation activities are carried out with the financial help of Asso. Aider Soeur Ann Francoise and the main Society. New cases are identified and referred to the near by Primary Health Centre for further management. Health Education is given on preventive measures. Our Staff Mr. Nageswaera Rao goes to the clinics with the help of sisters and they have empowered leprosy patients, their families and community with the knowledge relating to Leprosy and disability through daily activities. By regular home visits and follow up patients are facilitated to cope with Government Policies like monthly pensions, housing, personal loans, anthodia cards, handicapped certificates & free bus passes. 50 children benefited from educational support like books & uniforms and fees.  


Programme Achievements: January to October - 2012

We are grateful to Assoc. “Aider Soeur Anne-Françoise dans sa Mission” for the médical support.

New leprosy cases identified & referred = 11(MB – 7, PB - 4)

Clients assessed under self-care assessment = 350 (Gr-1 = 75 + Gr2 = 275)

Clients benefited ulcer care = 200 (Male=120, Female =80)

Clients benefited rehabilitation = 4 (Male = 2, Female = 2)

Clients benefited house repairs = 2 (Male =1, Female = 1)

Clients benefited medical services at clinics       = 285 (Male=180, Female=105)

Clients benefited in-patient care = 17 (Male = 8, Female = 9)

Children sheltered in the home = 5 (Female)

Children sent for vocational training  = 2 (Female)

Children benefited educational support = 50 (Male = 28, Female = 22)



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