We take this opportunity to acknowledge and convey our sincere appreciation and thanks for your valued support towards Provision of Nutrition Supplements to the children suffering with HIV/AIDS. After the closer of VDSSS (Visakhapatnam Diocese Social Service Society) support in September 2011, God has opened another door for us through your generous Association to care for these children and to improve their life span. This support brought a sense of caring and belongingness and courage and smile to the children and their parents. We have been providing nutrition support to 60 children every month on 2nd Saturdays since it is a holiday all the children could come for regular checkup and follow up.

January to October along with the 60 children, 60 more infected children are benefiting from our Medical services. Some of them are in pitiable condition. In our work area 6 mandals those who come regular follow up total 120 children. Twenty of them are irregular for checkups. 100 children come regularly.



-In patient & out patient care.

-Quality clinical are through Community Care Center

-Identification & Diagnosis, treatment, ART adherence, CD4 testing.

-Screening of Tuberculosis and provision of DOTs

-Referral Services to ART center, Govt. Health facility

-Opportunistic Infections Prophylaxis & Regular follow up

-Health Education & Personal Hygiene & psychosocial support.

-Nutritional support to improve health status & counseling.

-Linkages to ICDS ( Integrated Child Development Schemes)

-Individual & group Sponsorship through EMAP & value based education.

-Children Support group meetings to bring about positive attitude & strengthen their relationships & Drop outs are rejoined in the school.

-Improving of Health seeking behavior in adults

Total clients benefited services through our CCC 4202. About 547 adult new cases were registered and 15 new cases (children) were identified.

3655 old cases received services as out patients.

Total inpatient admissions 982 (910 adults & 72 children were admitted)

129 were treated for Tuberculosis (125 adults + 4 children)

No. of deaths reported in the field & in the CCC 103. (Adults 96 + 7 children)

No. of families visited: 3834.

No. of children received nutritional support every month: 70


Sequence Of care:

During Home visit our Out Reach Workers (ORWs) inform them about nutrition. On every 2nd Saturday the infected children are advised to gather at OP department. Registration is done for each child and they have a book let with all the details. Counselor gives advice to the care takers individually, then Health Para meters like weigh, height and Arm circumference is checked in order to know their health status. Once in 6 months they are reminded to get their CD4 test done to see the progress. After examined by the Doctor they are given prescribed medicines freely and are advised to keep up the timings and the parents are advised to prepare food hygienic way and care for the children. Health education is given to them according to the need on various topics like good health habits, value based education, importance of prevention during minor ailments, importance of play, yoga and regular follow up etc. According to the need they are admitted in IP.

Each child is given the following Items:

1 kg Oil, 1kg Dhal, ½ kg Jiggery, 1kg Ragi powder, 1kg Ground nuts, ½ kg Green gram, 1kg Suji and Milk Powder. These items & the quantity differ every month according to the market prices.

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